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“Uh, my name is Fred. And, uh, I like pot.”
Daily Adventures in the life of Pot Head Fred
An Exclusive Study of the Long Term Effects of Smoking Marijuana
Actually, I now promote Marijuana Anonymous and MA-Online.org.

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Get the Pot Smoking Buzz – FAQ’s

These are some of the frequently asked questions Pot Head Fred gets on smoking pot

  • Is smoking pot expensive?
  • Is smoking pot addictive?
  • Will smoking pot motivate me?
  • Is Pot Head Fred an expert on smoking pot?
  • Does smoking pot relieve pain?
  • Is it illegal to grow marijuana?
  • What are the rules on marijuana possession?
  • I don’t smoke weed.  I do not recommend smoking pot. Save your money, you wont be sorry.

Drug Free Me
IT’S A DRUG FREE ME ***** Drugless

Medical Marijuana

Pot Head Freds Opinion of Medical Marijuana

I completely understand the potential for medical marijuana, for pain, seizures and stress, but I do not get why the US government would legalize pot for recreational use. Driving while buzzed can’t be good, and sitting on the couch stoned all day is not very productive and is not any better than alcohol. Drunk or stoned, or both, a little common sense should dictate. America needs to stop the commercial sale and recreational use of both of these drugs, ASAP. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN; Ban alcohol use and only allow the MEDICAL use of canabis.

Pot Head Fred Thoughts

To Do List

I got a lot of stuff to do–
Pothead Freds To Do List

  1. get groceries
  2. do laundry
  3. Clean the toilet
  4. go to a meeting
  5. get my tooth fixed
  6. work out
  7. go to a meeting
  8. uh,,,,and up date web pages **DONE**


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